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CSARN|’s Mentorship Program acknowledges the considerable expertise and wisdom of professional senior artists and supports their desire to remain active in their chosen art form. The program is delivered by its co-directors Joysanne Sidimus and Deborah Windsor. Ms. Sidimus focuses her attention on the artistic disciplines of dance, music and theatre; whilst Ms. Windsor is responsible for writing, visual arts and media arts. Both Ms. Sidimus and Ms. Windsor assist mentors and mentees in other disciplines.

a) Traditional one-on-one mentorship where a young, emerging or mid-career artist is paired with a senior mentor.  

b) Mentorship by an individual to organizations, institutions, companies and schools in the form of workshops, seminars, lectures and other individually designed programs.

c) Mentorship residencies, with a clear learning component, at institutions, companies and arts training schools offered on a weekly, monthly or project basis.

d) Mentorship residencies focusing on career opportunities and strategies offered to communities with a group of mentors designing a program uniquely suited to the community involved.

In the promotion and administration of the mentorship program, and;

  • Agree to carry out his/her duties and interactions with the mentor/mentee and CSARN faithfully, responsibly, and with professional and personal integrity.

For the purposes of this program, we define a mentor as a trusted counsellor or guide having achieved the age of 60 with a minimum of 20 years’ professional experience.

Mentees are identified as professional artists. They can be any age as long as they are professionals, as defined by the Canadian Artist Code, or are emerging artists having recently graduated from a professional school or professional artistic program.

Mentors will be paid for their work and mentees will be reimbursed for expenses. The payment to senior artist mentors is made possible by a generous donation from Janis Neilson which has enabled the creation of The Janis Neilson Mentorship Subsidy Program. CSARN and the mentorship program have been additionally supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society, Lynda Hamilton, Joan and Jerry Lozinski , Sandra and Jim Pitblado, and other private donors.

Mentors have a lifetime maximum with CSARN of $3000

Mentors are paid as follows: (The first two categories apply to single or two-time sessions)

  • Three month contract – 7 hours per month – $900
  • Six month contract – 7 hours per month – $1,800
  • Ten month contract – 7 hours per month – $3,000

Mentees have a lifetime maximum with CSARN of $1500 to cover receipted expenses.

There are two rounds of mentorships each year. Artists who applied but were not selected for a round will be kept on file for future consideration. Send applications by:

  • Email to
  • Post to Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network, 1000 Yonge St., Suite 300-B. Toronto, ON M4W 2K2.
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