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Points to remember while buying a condo

Condos or condominium are apartments like living spaces that can be sold independently. Here are a few of the points that you should keep in your mind while searching for a condo.

notting hill condominium

Large entrance and lobby

No matter what, everyone wants to live nicely now a day, even in the pocket-friendly budget.  This is the result of the changing lifestyle. The first step in living well starts with selecting a good house for you. The first thing that one notices in a house is its entrance and the lobby. So, while looking for a Notting Hill condominium, a buyer needs to focus on the designing of the lobby and the entrance.

Good parking lot design

The designing of the parking space is very necessary to focus on. This decides the convenience of your living. If space is designed properly then it may create problems for you every now and then. Some time ago, the Notting Hill condominium used to have a multi-story parking spot, which is obviously not comfortable. Parking space made in the basement is the best for the driver’s comfort. The height of the car park should be 3.5m and width should be 2.5 by 5m. This is the size of an ideal car parking space. Also, the area should have proper lighting. Not only that, it should be safe too.

Safe and secure elevators

Now that you are looking for good Notting Hill condominium, you must check their lifts. Not only the designing, but the safety zones of the lift should also be checked.  If you talk about a secure lift or elevator then the one with transparent glass walls is the best.

notting hill condos

Wide and lighted corridors

After the elevators, let’s now discuss the corridors of the Condos. The perfect kind of corridor should be one with the proper natural lighting. Also, the width of the corridors should be good. The dark and narrow corridors are of no use. These are not only bad in appearance but also not good for security purposes. It should be comfortable so that people can walk freely there.

Good layout design

The design of the whole layout should be done properly. This might not come in the notice of common people, but should be checked before a buyer buys the particular Notting Hill condominium. One of the main things that should be checked in the layout design of any building is its distance from other buildings. Ideally, the distance from one building to the other should be of at least 120 feats, which they should be 120 feats away from each other.

Appropriate parking ratio

Now, in the above point, we talked about the parking space design. Another thing that one should be focusing if we talk about parking is the parking ratio. Parking becomes uncomfortable if a proper ratio is not maintained. For example, if a condo has 800 units then it must have more than 1600 parking bays. If it’s not so, then it is not the ideal parking lot.

These were the few points one should consider while buying condos. If you are looking for good condos, then you should definitely check the Condos by Lifetime’s developments.

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