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Tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets using DIY tricks

Not many know that renovating the kitchen cabinets can be done by repainting them and not changing them altogether. This is not just a DIY method but also a cheap alternative to making your kitchen look appealing all over again.

Painting services Toronto that of water-based paints like acrylic alkyds and acrylic urethanes can help you make the cabinets durable as well as great to look at with a professional touch to it. Once you are done with the job, you can clean the surroundings easily while also not having to undergo the poisonous fumes that come along. With the help of sprays and rollers, you can achieve perfection.

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Place rosin paper on the counters

If there are countertops under the kitchen cabinets, placing rosin paper can help in protecting it especially when paint drips or spills from above.  You could also cover the walls and the floors with the paper to be on the safe side.

Get rid of doors, drawers, nuts and bolts

You may be lazy to remove all of these before painting, but the last thing that you would want to see is that all of these have hardened and damaged your furniture once they are dry. The hinges covered with painting services Toronto or even the door corners can allow the structure to get disfigured.

Label the doors well

Since you have brought down and disassembled the doors, there is the need for you to label each one of them well just so that you get to place the right ones back once you are done with Painting services Toronto. Covering the labelled area with masking tape would help you look for it once the entire thing is painted.

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Remove grease if any

If the hinges and other areas of the doors of the kitchen cabinets are greased for better lubrication, there is the need for you to remove it. Paint wouldn’t stick to it and so using dishwashing liquid can help in removing the grease. Cleaning it with water and drying it would give you a clean slate to paint.

Avoid sanding it too much

Even though sanding gives you a smooth surface for painting services Toronto, ensure that you do not go overboard. If it doesn’t contain any varnishes or paint, skip the sanding. If there is a rough surface, sand them but keep checking to ensure that the quality of the wood doesn’t deteriorate.

Check after applying a primer

When you apply primer, you give a good platform for the paint to sit well. Once done with applying the primer, ensure that you check it well and that there is nothing wrong anywhere. This will ensure that the painting services Toronto is in place and that you receive a professional result.

Use the right tools

Whenever you are out to buy the tools, ensure that you only pick the best and nothing cheap to paint your kitchen cabinets. To receive the best results, you shouldn’t compromise in the tools and that you would receive something that is nothing but the best.

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